Benchmark Survey Finds CAM Certification Most Recognized Credential

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Benchmark Survey Finds CAM Certification Most Recognized Credential


Grace Hill’s 2018 Multifamily Training Benchmark Report has revealed that Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) is the credential most recognized by multifamily property companies. 57% of companies surveyed said their company recognizes CAM certification. In second and third place were:

  • Certified Property Manager (CPM) – 51%
  • National Apartment Leasing Professional (NALP) – 39%


Most Companies Will Pay For Credentialscredential

The report also shows that most companies (43%) will pay for credentials but do not require them. When it comes to how companies recognize credentials, preference in hiring was the number one choice:

  • Preference in hiring – 54%
  • Promotions – 32%
  • Do not recognize – 32%
  • Raises – 28%


Credentials Recognition Improves Turnover, Risk & Competitive Advantage

Additional methods of recognition mentioned included: rewards, recognition in company newsletter and annual awards event, and mention in company announcements. Because credentialed employees tend to stay with the industry longer and perform better, increased credentials recognition represents a future opportunity for companies to improve turnover, risk and competitive advantage.


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