A Fond Farewell: Valerie Bailey - Grace Hill
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A Fond Farewell: Valerie Bailey

Posted on August 22, 2018

Grace Hill Senior Strategic Account Manager, Valerie Bailey

A Letter From Director of Account Management, Valerie Bailey


To my treasured colleagues and clients,


Grace Hill Senior Strategic Account Manager, Valerie Bailey Some know by now that I have decided to step away from my role at Grace Hill in order to focus on my family for a while. Over time, my husband I realized that juggling two demanding jobs was preventing us from giving children the time and attention they need and deserve from us right now, and we have decided to make this change to ensure we are doing our very best at what we believe to be our number one job — being parents.


While I’m excited about my new full-time mom gig (cue pictures of all of the amazing/healthy dinners I plan to make!), it has been tremendously difficult for me to step away from something I know and love so dearly. My time at Grace Hill has been both rewarding and challenging, as the best jobs always are. I have taken a lot of pride in being part of the Gang over the years.  


Valerie Bailey at the Genius Bar
Valerie working the Genius Bar at a Vision conference

I was part of the “old” Grace Hill, which is often painted in a sentimental light – and it was a wonderful experience. I can tell you, the new Grace Hill offers vastly improved products, services we never thought possible in the old days and an internal culture that embraces an entrepreneurial spirit and offers growth for its team members (something that was once hard to come by at Grace Hill).


Today, this company serves its employees and clients in a way that is better than ever, and for me, it’s always been about the people. I can step away confident in the knowledge that the people I care for so much are in amazing hands. Thank you for allowing me to be part of this great thing for the past five years. Since I’m horrible at goodbyes I won’t say goodbye, but rather… so long for now.  




A word from Chief Executive Officer, Dru Armstrong 

Chief Executive Officer, Dru Armstrong 
Chief Executive Officer, Dru Armstrong 



The Grace Hill Gang is extremely sad to see Valerie Bailey take a step away from Grace Hill.  She has been a wonderful and dedicated employee, contributing to our team immensely during her time with us. I fully support Valerie’s decision to put her family first at this time, and I am pleased that Grace Hill operates in such a way that our valued team players can take time away when they need it. Grace Hill’s door will always be open to her and we hope to have her back again after this especially busy time in her family’s life.


For the Account Management team and all of our valued clients, you have my reassurance that you are in good hands. Maj Roembke, current Account Executive, is stepping into the role of Director of Account Management to lead the team.


Director of Account Management, Maj Roembke
Director of Account Management, Maj Roembke

Before Maj joined the Grace Hill team, she was a long-term client of Grace Hill. In her previous role as a Learning and Development Manager, she used the system as an Admin. She went through a rough implementation process onto VisionX, and it crystallized her focus on the importance and role of client care and support. Maj’s client-minded approach has led her to be very successful as a Grace Hill Account Executive. She will continue to keep a small portfolio of clients as we evaluate the initiatives and structure of the account management team going forward.


During her time at Grace Hill, Maj has made a significant impact for both clients and the account team overall. We are happy to have her join our leadership team, and anticipate her positive influence on the organization will only grow in that role. Please join me in congratulating her. We are thrilled to have Maj leading our account team!





Terra McVoy
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