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Admin Support Spotlight: Ryan Tackett

Posted on January 17, 2018

Ryan Tackett

Admin Support Spotlight

Meet Ryan Tackett, Grace Hill Admin Support Agent


Ryan Tackett, Grace Hill Admin Support Agent
At Grace Hill, Ryan is able to fulfill his passion for technology and customer service by assisting administrators with their technical issues.

Grace Hill has expanded our in-house Support Team to include an elite team of reps that are dedicated to Admin-Level requests. Ryan Tackett is one of three techs who were handpicked to staff the new Admin Support Channel based on their exceptional customer service and Vision expertise.


A Dual Passion

Ryan has always had a passion for both technology and customer service. After receiving his Associate Degree in Computer Science from Greenville Technical College, he found that a career in technical support allowed him to merge these two passions.


“I really enjoy being able to help others when their day may not be going as planned.”


Grace Hill Admin Support Agent, Ryan Tackett
Ryan is also a pet lover and the doting owner of four adorable cats.

Helping Others Through Problem-Solving

Grace Hill Customer Support Agent, Ryan Tackett
Ryan loves the people he works with at Grace Hill.

As Admin Support Representative, Ryan provides step-by-step resolutions to technical issues experienced by client administrators. He enjoys the opportunity this role gives him to problem-solve while helping others, from coworkers to clients. And it’s no wonder he’s good at it—Ryan’s caring nature is one of the first things people notice about him.


To reach our Admin Support Team, Admins can call (844) 204-9600 or submit a request via the form in Vision. The Admin Support Team is available Monday through Friday from 9 AM – 8 PM EST, providing coast-to-coast availability during normal 9AM-5PM business hours. 

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