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An Industry First From Grace Hill

Posted on July 26, 2018

An Industry First From Grace Hill

40-Minute Fair Housing Refresher Training

Grace Hill just introduced a 40-minute Fair Housing Refresher course updated annually with all-new content!

Compliance Refreshers are short booster versions of key compliance courses that allow learners to quickly update their knowledge of the full course. Learners will love how much faster and easier Compliance Refreshers make meeting annual training requirements!


Save time

In just 30 – 45 minutes, learners can update compliance knowledge and meet annual training requirements. That’s a significant time savings versus the full course, which could take up to three hours to complete.


Meet training requirements

Fulfill training requirements or combine with other compliance courses to meet any applicable hourly requirements.


Reduce risk

Compliance Refreshers are updated annually with the latest legal developments to ensure learners get the most accurate and current information. Refreshers are also available in Spanish versions to ensure comprehension among all employees.


Engage learners

Annually updated content, graphics, and practice activities employees have never seen before keep learners engaged and actively learning. It’s a better experience for learners and greater risk reduction for the organization!


To see the new Fair Housing Refresher, contact your sales representative or request a demo.


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