Grace Hill Introduces Industry First Compliance Refresher Courses
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Grace Hill Introduces Another Industry First:
Compliance Refresher Courses

Posted on August 1, 2018

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Grace Hill Introduces Another Industry First: Compliance Refresher Courses

Brief and Engaging Compliance Courses Featuring the Latest Legal Guidelines

Courses are 30-45 minutes long & updated annually with fresh content & practice activities

In another industry first, today Grace Hill introduced short booster versions of key compliance courses that learners can take to ensure they stay ahead of the curve on compliance issues. The first in the series is the Fair Housing Refresher, available to professionals in the multifamily industry now. Refreshers are also available in Spanish-language versions to ensure comprehension among all employees.



Grace Hill is the leading provider of online training courseware, administration and mystery shopping for the multifamily property management industry. The introduction of Compliance Refresher courses emphasizes Grace Hill’s evolution from offering compliance training to providing a complete Compliance Plus program for clients. Grace Hill’s compliance courseware covers all use cases and stages of the learner life cycle, including onboarding, annual refreshers that include recent legal updates, and quarterly mini-courses on emerging compliance topics. Additionally, Grace Hill’s Compliance Plus program includes monthly newsletters on important compliance updates and quarterly webinars with a fair housing attorney.  


“Refresher courses make it easy for learners who have already completed the full Essentials courses to keep their knowledge current,” explained Ellen Clark, Grace Hill Director of Assessment. “In just 30 – 45 minutes, they’ll review the fundamentals and be informed of changes in the law and recent guidance issued by regulatory agencies. The Fair Housing Refresher course can be completed in just 40 minutes. It’s no longer necessary for anyone to repeat the three-hour Fair Housing series every year!”


Clark continued, “Delivering short courses to learners while covering all of the critical topics to ensure your organization is protected from exposing areas of risk and providing and fair and equal housing to all is the big challenge. Grace Hill is delivering the perfect balance of complete information presented in short and engaging courses.”

“Compliance training is a company’s primary defense against Fair Housing, harassment, diversity and drug-free workplace violations. Compliance training is only as strong as it is current. Grace Hill Refresher courses will be updated annually to reflect the latest legal developments. It’s part of our Compliance Plus program, and one of the many benefits that Grace Hill clients receive from the $150,000 a year investment that Grace Hill makes in monitoring legal and compliance updates,” said Dru Armstrong, CEO of Grace Hill. “In the world of compliance, laws change and interpretations of those laws by government agencies and the courts are always evolving. The path to true competency in compliance is through continuously training employees on how to apply core concepts and skills to new situations and providing fresh opportunities to practice applying those skills in a low-stakes training environment.”


“That’s where Compliance Refreshers come in,” Clark explained. “Refresher courses make it easy for learners to keep their knowledge current. In just 30 to 45 minutes, Compliance Refreshers build on the knowledge and skills learned in the full Essentials course and inform learners of critical updates in the law and how it is being interpreted. The refresher courses are updated annually with new content, videos, and practice to keep learners engaged.”


When Grace Hill introduced the new Compliance Refresher courses, it also rolled out a new auto assignment feature that training administrators quickly embraced. The feature allows for assignments to be automatically updated that were previously created for positions, locations, and groups. Administrators of Grace Hill’s LMS who are interested in learning more about the new feature are encouraged to join our webinar on August 9 at 2 PM EST.


Compliance Refreshers will be available to all Grace Hill clients, regardless of tier level. To find out how you can partner with Grace Hill to offer Compliance Refreshers to your organization and learners, contact Grace Hill at 866.472.2344 or visit request a demo.


Refresher Courses Coming Soon:

  • Fair Housing – avail. 7/31
  • Drug-Free Workplace
  • Drug-Free Workplace Supervisor
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Sexual Harassment Supervisor
  • Workplace Diversity
  • Workplace Diversity Supervisor
  • Workplace Harassment
  • Workplace Harassment Supervisor


Grace Hill’s training suite is available immediately online, allowing property managers to train employees quickly to ensure compliance with extensive rules and regulations on topics such as Fair Housing, OSHA, sexual harassment and more.

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