Survey Finds Custom Training Content a Top Need for Property Management Companies

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Survey Finds Custom Training Content a Top Need for Property Management Companies


A recent survey conducted by Grace Hill found that one of the top needs for property management companies is custom training content. Survey participants ranked “content specifically tailored to employees’ needs” their second highest training need, second only to “fast, easy, effective on-boarding training.” The survey reveals that companies are increasingly looking for more tailored and relevant training content that matches the specific needs of their diverse employee groups.


In addition, 39% of Training Administrators surveyed reported “developing content that meets the needs of the company” the contribution they are most proud of. However, 58% do not currently upload content into their learning management system (LMS), despite content development being a top area of pride. Clearly, using custom content in their LMS is a major opportunity for property management companies.


Even on-boarding training (the top need cited by survey participants) can benefit from customization. While fast initiation into such essential subjects as safety and compliance is critical to effective on-boarding, so is an introduction to specific company policies and procedures. On-boarding is the best time to familiarize employees with property-specific information and practices. And in an industry with turnover rates as high as 19% (for leasing professionals) a good onboarding process is critical.


For more insights into the training practices, challenges and opportunities of the property management industry, download the full 2017 Multifamily Training Benchmark Report.

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