Grace Hill and Entrata Partnership Simplifies Customers’ User Experience
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Grace Hill and Entrata Partnership Simplifies Our Mutual Customers’ User Experience

Posted on March 11, 2019

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Grace Hill & Entrata Enhance Mutual Customers’ Experience

A Partnership Users Love

In an effort to proactively resolve some of the day-to-day frustrations of utilizing more than one platform, Grace Hill and Entrata are integrating their platforms to create a more pleasing user experience for our mutual customers.

Who Benefits

The Grace Hill and Entrata integration will benefit all of Grace Hill and Entrata’s mutual customers at varying levels. Platinum-level Vision clients experience the most significant benefits.


Why We Partnered With Entrata

Grace Hill is always looking to improve our customers’ experience. We partnered with Entrata to help make Grace Hill training easily accessible for our mutual customers in the Entrata site, where users spend much of their time each day.

Additionally, creating custom software training is a very large burden for training teams. The integration leverages Entrata’s existing content, making it accessible to Grace Hill customers in a way that can be customized for their use. Grace Hill’s dynamic content customization tools will help reduce a significant training burden for our mutual customers.


The Solutions Our Partnership Provides

The Grace Hill–Entrata integration will provide the following solutions to our mutual clients:


  • All of our mutual customers will have a single sign-on for both systems so that they are able to navigate between the Entrata app and Grace Hill’s Vision LMS without the need to log in to each platform every time.
    • Adding Vision to the Entrata App Store allows users to synchronize their Vision account with their Entrata account to create a single point of sign-in between the Entrata platform and Vision, otherwise known as single sign-on.


  • Platinum-level Vision admins will have easy access to Entrata user guides in Vision. The guides can be used to customize content for your unique needs using the “build your own course” feature!
    • Platinum-level Vision admins creating custom content in Vision will benefit from the easy access to Entrata content. Platinum-level Vision customers using the “build your own course” feature with Entrata content will benefit from dynamically linked content that will be updated in real time as Entrata edits and adjusts the content pieces.
    • You can link to the user guides in your My Resources section too!


More Resources

Resources are available now for Grace Hill customers on the Customer Resource Center homepage. Find instructions on how to enable the single sign-on solution and how to create custom content with Entrata training under the News section.



Pricing Information

There is no additional cost for these benefits. However, the “build your own course” functionality is only available to Platinum-level Vision customers. Mutual customers who would like to upgrade from Silver or Gold to Platinum in order to enjoy the benefits of the integration are encouraged to contact their account manager for more information.


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