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New De-Escalation Course and Boosters Now Available in Vision

Posted on October 14, 2021

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We’ve been hard at work building new resources to help property management employers navigate the upcoming vaccine mandate implementation. Our latest training release gives learners practical skills for diffusing tense situations in a constructive and positive way. 

The De-Escalation Course and Boosters contain communication strategies designed to reduce tension and remove communication barriers in conflict situations. They’re a great way to prepare for potentially challenging conversations around the mandate.

De-Escalation Strategies (10-minute course)

This course helps learners recognize when conflicts are escalating and respond appropriately to diffuse tension. Learners gain strategies for responding to conflicts with mindfulness and compassion. 

De-Escalating Conflict (5-minute booster)

Anyone can learn de-escalation skills, but they take some practice to master. This quick video booster offers options for responding to confrontation in a constructive and positive manner. 

Practice in De-Escalating Conflict (5-minute booster)

In this quick practice booster, learners review scenarios in which a conflict between two people is escalating, then practice implementing some of the strategies they’ve learned to help avoid a more serious conflict.

De-Escalation Strategies (5-minute booster) 

In this quick quiz booster, learners are tested on their ability to:

  • Understand the concept and purpose of de-escalation.
  • Recognize when de-escalation is necessary. 
  • Apply de-escalation strategies. 

Assigning De-Escalation Training

While conflict resolution training is typically assigned later in an employee’s learning path, you may want to consider assigning De-Escalation training earlier, if there’s room, in order to prepare for implementation. You can also use the boosters to reinforce any conflict resolution training an employee has had recently. Our account managers are skilled at making assignment and learning path recommendations that best suit your organization. If you don’t already have Vision, contact us for a demo!

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