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New HD Supply Courses Available through Grace Hill’s Vision 2020!

Posted on May 13, 2020

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 New HD Supply Courses Available through Grace Hill’s Vision 2020!

As the multifamily industry’s leader in talent management through training, policies and assessment, we at Grace Hill were thrilled to announce our new partnership with HD Supply (a national leader in Maintenance, Repair and Operation supplies) in October 2019. This  partnership allows us to provide Grace Hill learners with HD Supply’s unparalleled training in crucial maintenance subjects beginning this month. 


Maintenance Training from Industry Thought Leaders

The technical training and certification classes for maintenance technicians offered by HD Supply —at both basic and advanced skill levels— are taught by a team of their professionals experienced in facility maintenance, facility management, and vocational education. These courses utilize their vast pool of subject matter experts, instructing technicians in English (and in most cases, Spanish) how to diagnose issues with and repair various equipment.


New HD Supply Courses in Vision 2020

Grace Hill Vision 2020 learners can now take their maintenance skills to the next level with these training topics including:

  • Flooring Care
  • Water Heater Mechanics & Electronics
  • R-401A Changeover for Air Conditioning Systems  
  • Swimming Pool Maintenance
  • Power and Water Conservation
  • Kitchen Appliance Repair
  • Ladder & Lifting Safety
  • Make Ready Maintenance
  • EPA Certification for A/C and Refrigerant Technicians


For more information about Grace Hill’s partnerships, maintenance courses —or other topics of interest— please contact us at (866) 472-2344.


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