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New Mini Course: Fair Housing & Limited English Proficiency

Posted on September 19, 2017

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New Mini Course: Fair Housing & Limited English Proficiency

The FHA prohibits discrimination against individuals in protected classes when renting, buying, or securing financing for housing. While limited English proficiency (LEP) is not itself a protected class, policies negatively affecting LEP can still violate the FHA by having a discriminatory effect on members of a protected class. Our latest mini course helps property management employees understand and comply with HUD guidelines regarding LEP.


In 15 minutes or less, employees will learn:

  • The definition of LEP
  • How English proficiency is related to one or more of the protected classes named in federal fair housing law
  • Strategies to make sure they comply with HUD’s guidelines and do not discriminate against people with LEP

All of our mini courses include:

  • Voice narration and live video
  • An accompanying downloadable workbook
  • A Knowledge Challenge Quiz, which must be passed to complete the course
  • Responsive comprehension questions throughout the training
  • Real-life examples
  • Behavioral questions based on potential scenarios

Mini courses are part of our Compliance Plus program. These quarterly training modules on emerging compliance issues are available to Gold and Platinum-level Vision clients, who can find the new mini course in their libraries.

To find out about becoming a Gold or Platinum Vision client, contact your account manager, or you can request a demo and learn more about Compliance Plus here.

Amy McClellan
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