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New Fair Housing Courses Are Shorter & More Intuitive

Posted on April 8, 2019

shorter Fair housing

New Fair Housing Courses- Updated and Shorter!

shorter Fair housing
The next generation of Grace Hill training includes engaging short courses specific to the property management industry.

Grace Hill’s 3-hour fair housing course has long been the industry standard. But three hours is a lot to ask of busy property management professionals, so we’ve updated and streamlined Grace Hill’s fair housing training into an engaging series of short courses that can be completed in two hours or less.


“Grace Hill is always listening to our customers and looking for opportunities to continually improve our products and services. I am thrilled to share the results of our most recent effort: updated versions of Grace Hill’s iconic Fair Housing and Sexual Harassment courses are now available to our industry,” announced Dru Armstrong, Grace Hill CEO.


What has Changed?

The new training should take about two hours to complete – that’s a full hour shorter! The series of seven short courses can be taken in 15-20 minute increments so you can better fit training into your busy workday:

  • What is Fair Housing?
  • Understanding Discrimination
  • Understanding Harassment
  • Reasonable Accommodations and Modifications
  • Essential Compliance Strategies
  • Applicant Screening
  • Working with Customers

Non-critical information such as dates and legal trivia have been removed, and critical topics such as preventing sexual harassment in housing, the complexities of applicant screening, and handling hoarding situations have been given more emphasis.


shorter fair housing
The fair housing courses include practical ways to offer consistent, fair, and equal service.

What Hasn’t Changed?

The focus is still on the application of fair housing law, teaching practical strategies for treating all customers fairly and consistently.


The training still includes engaging videos, examples, and interactive practice activities that are drawn from recent fair housing cases, claims, and real-world scenarios.


No critical information has been cut from the training; it covers the basics of what any person should know as soon as they start work with a property management company.


And – more good news – Grace Hill has expanded its catalog of compliance short courses, so after you master the fundamentals with the new Fair Housing training, you can take mini-courses to dive deeper into critical topics such as:

  • Assistance Animals
  • Local Nuisance Ordinances
  • Limited English Proficiency
  • Social Media
  • And more!

Understanding fair housing is essential for everyone who works in the multifamily housing industry. Training is one of the best ways you can reduce your risk and ensure you know how to treat all customers fairly and consistently. Now, you can get that fundamental training in less time! Advanced training and a better experience for learners… those are ingredients for a very happy Fair Housing Month, for sure!


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