Property Management Companies Report High Employee-to-Trainer Ratios

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Property Management Companies Report High Employee-to-Trainer Ratios


In a recent survey of property management companies, Grace Hill asked how many dedicated training employees the company has. Here are the results broken down by number of employees.


Zero Dedicated Trainers

One of the most surprising revelations was the overwhelming number of companies that work without a single dedicated training employee. Any training that is conducted is handled by an employee or employees with additional responsibilities.


Even among companies with as many as 140 employees, the majority had 0 dedicated trainers. Not until the companies reached 700 or more employees did “0 trainers” stop being the largest single category reported for number of trainers.


Other Responsibilities

When asked what other responsibilities trainers have, the majority response was Operations, followed by Human Resources, and Marketing.


“Training is just one hat I wear.”

Based on these results, it’s not surprising that most trainers also reported “Training is just one hat I wear” as their biggest challenge to being successful.



Employee-to-trainer ratios represent a significant opportunity for property management companies. Because training has such a big impact on employee performance, employee satisfaction, turnover rates, customer satisfaction, compliance risk and overall profitability, an investment in dedicated trainers, especially in larger organizations, more than pays for itself.


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