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What is the best education for rental owners and landlords?

Posted on January 31, 2018 by Grace Hill

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Investment Property
The key to a successful rental property is to have a good grasp of all areas of property management and to know where to look for information when you need it. This is what the IROP course gives you.

What is the best education for rental owners and landlords?

If you currently own a rental property or plan to become a landlord, the Independent Rental Owner Professional (IROP) credential program is ideal for you. IROP teaches owners the best practices of property management, from marketing to maintenance. It’s a great introduction to managing your own property.

Why earn an IROP credential?

Earning your IROP credential can make the difference in whether your investment property is profitable or not. It’s also the best way to get a basic handle on the many different responsibilities of property management.


Make your property more successful

To run a successful rental property, you need strategies for attracting and retaining good residents, keeping maintenance costs down, and staying compliant with the law. IROP covers these topics and more:

  • Preparing and managing a budget
  • Planning taxes strategically
  • Establishing relationships with code department representatives
  • Protecting and insuring your investment
  • Increasing your property’s energy efficiency to increase market value
  • Screening, hiring, and training employees
  • Scheduling unit inspections for preventive maintenance
  • Establishing rental rates and marketing to find residents


Get an insider’s view of property ownership and management

One of the reasons the IROP curriculum is so beneficial is that it was created by other IROPs, who have expertise in the unique challenges and opportunities of property ownership and management. Their experience can help you avoid common property management errors and oversights.


Who is right for the IROP credential?

Whether you already own a rental property or plan to purchase one in the future, IROP helps you develop an understanding of the responsibilities involved and gives you strategies for success.


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