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FAQ Series: Making Time for Training – Part 3

Posted on February 5, 2018

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“As a training administrator, how do I help employees find time for on-the-job training?” Part 3

In part one of this post, we discussed the first step of finding time for training: assessing the employee’s typical day, including time challenges and opportunities. Part two covered establishing the ideal time for training (even if it looks like there isn’t one). We talked about the importance of setting a consistent time and writing it down to keep training from getting continually pushed aside. The third and final step of this process is where the magic happens – keeping the training appointment.


Training time is sacred

Training time
Make sure the training appointment remains an important obligation–even when it can’t be kept. It should hold a place of significance in everyone’s mind and calendar.

It’s important for you, the employee and the employee’s supervisor to respect the specified training time. This doesn’t mean that things won’t come up that make it hard or impossible to keep the training appointment. They will, especially at first. Don’t let this discourage you. Every day should be treated as a fresh opportunity to keep the training appointment. As long as it stays on the schedule and stays present in everyone’s mind, eventually it will begin to be kept more often than it is missed.


Make the most of the time you have

All your previous efforts have established how valuable that 30-minute period is, so it’s important to use it well. Courseware should be designed for maximum engagement and retention. It should be broken up into easily-digested modules of no more than 20 minutes and should use voice narration, video and responsive questions to engage the employee and hold his or her attention. For more about courseware features that make the most of training time, read Top 5 Features to Look for in Property Management Training.


Training Time
Rewarding successful training time with acknowledgement, praise and other incentives reinforces keeping the training appointment.

Use motivation and reward

Keeping the training appointment is the first important accomplishment that should be acknowledged. Be sure to check in with the employee frequently to find out how the training time is coming. Offer praise when the employee is successful at keeping the appointment and encouragement when he or she is not. Incorporate other kinds of incentives too like competition, public acknowledgement, and prizes. See our post on Incentivizing Learners for some ideas.


Check back and reassess

Once you’ve given the new routine several months, re-evaluate the time you set. Is it working? Has anything changed to make the time less ideal? Is there another time that now seems like it would be better? Be sure to give the initial time a chance before abandoning it. Your belief that time can be made for training is contagious. The more often it works, the more often it will work.


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