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Latest Issue of The Vantage: Protecting Your Organization from Sexual Harassment

Posted on January 3, 2018

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Latest Issue of The Vantage: Protecting Your Organization


Important legal information on sexual harassment and tips for addressing it before it becomes too late


Protect your organization from sexual harassment
Recent high-profile sexual harassment allegations have highlighted the need for increased training, education and awareness.

Did you know that a property owner or manager may be held liable if any of his or her employees, agents or contractors sexually harass an applicant, tenant or resident? Organizations themselves are often found culpable for sexual harassment in both the court of public opinion and in the civil legal context. Settlement payouts, public embarrassment and loss of potential business are all reasons to proactively address sexual harassment in housing immediately. The latest issue of The Vantage covers:



What constitutes harassment
Claims may be filed even if the alleged victim did not experience the loss of a housing opportunity or some tangible economic loss.



Ways your organization could be found liable
If a property owner or manager knows, or should have known, that an employee, agent or contractor is sexually harassing applicants, tenants or residents, he or she has the duty to take action to stop the harassment.



Strategies for limiting liability
The company that overlooks sexual harassment and continues to employ a harasser risks great liability in the future. If a harassment victim is able to prove that the company knew of previous allegations and failed to take steps to address the issue and stop the behavior, then the organization could find itself subject to huge legal penalties.



  • Sexual harassment and the FHA
  • Complaint procedure
  • Types of harassment

The Vantage is a quarterly newsletter on the latest legal developments and enforcement actions in the multifamily property management industry — plus tips for keeping your company and employees compliant.



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