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In the meantime, check out a few client testimonials and learn more about Grace Hill's suite of products and solutions.


Grace Hill helps us fulfill the vision of the learning and development program we are striving to create.

-Jared Forman
Director of Training and Development
Atlantic Pacific Management

Product: VISION


We’ve been able to streamline our policies and procedures and allow our team members immediate access to consistent and up-to-date information.

-Jackie Rhone
Managing Director of Real Estate

Product: PolicyPartner


As a trainer, I love the fact that from the time we close out the shop, we can assign two five-minute refreshers in Vision  on the deadlines we want — with two clicks of a mouse. And leasing consultants appreciate that we recognize where they need additional training. Validate allows us to give them the support they need with minimal work on our part.

-Elaine Kozloski
Director of Training
Westminster Management

Product: Validate

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We are rather obsessed with KingsleySurveys and use it to drive focus and change in almost everything we do. If it’s not measured in Kingsley, it must not be that important.

-Brian Ericson

VP of Marketing Insights and Technology

Product: KingsleySurveys


I grew with Grace Hill and watched it evolve. Visto was a really big deal for us because we reimburse employees for CAM.

-Carolina Rincon
Director, Training & Development
United Property Management

Product: Visto


We have been partners with Grace Hill for over 15 years. It’s been exciting to see the new solutions they’ve added in the past couple of years. And how today, they’re helping us tie together our policies, training, and mystery shopping to support the performance of our employees and properties.

-Pattie Woods
Vice President, Training and Development
Fogelman Properties

Solution: Talent Performance Management

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