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Vision combines best-in-class professional skills and compliance training courseware with our industry-leading learning management system (LMS) in one powerful, customizable platform. With Vision, property management companies are able to onboard faster and more efficiently. Reduce compliance risks. Identify, cultivate and retain top talent with the right training at the right time. And spend far less time, energy, and money in the process.

Elevate Learning

  • Courseware designed with the latest in Learning Science for greater engagement and competency
  • Over 150 training courses in English and Spanish, covering essential knowledge and skills across all departments
  • Customized courseware and learning tracks enable more personalized training for specific career paths
  • Video learning sessions can be scheduled, assigned and recorded all from within Vision. Recorded sessions can be embedded seamlessly into Vision courses
  • Each course is made up of bite-sized modules, that will take your learners no longer than 15 minutes
  • Mobile-responsive learning center adjusts to a learner’s screen size, allowing courses to be taken easily on phones or tablets

Fast-Track Administration

  • Online administration platform designed for greater operational ease and control
  • Automates training assignments and scheduling to deliver the right training at the right time
  • Provides assessments and reporting capability to ensure knowledge and skills are gained
  • Content authoring tools make it easy and affordable to develop custom courseware in-house
  • Video assignments allow the learner to complete a homework assignment on video and the trainer may grade the learner throughout the assignment – providing annotated feedback based on a timestamp in the video
  • Bulk assignment tool saves time by allowing location, position or group assignments for multiple course titles and multiple learners all at the same time

Reduce Risk

  • Compliance training designed to go beyond checking the box and toward actually impacting employee conduct
  • Provides comprehensive, and continually updated training courseware for property management companies, from Fair Housing to Business Ethics
  • Compliance reporting designed to help companies proactively manage risk and achieve operational excellence

Vision Evolves with Your Company's Needs

Whether your company is making the transition to online training or is seeking to enhance an existing online program with more customized content, better data and improved systems integration, Vision is your best solution.

Vision Silver

  • GH Essentials courses
  • Basic administration

Vision Gold

  • GH Essentials courses
  • Advanced administration
  • Course creation
  • Manage live training

Vision Platinum

  • GH Essentials courses
  • Advanced administration
  • Advanced content creation
  • Manage live training
  • Advanced engagement
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White-Glove Customer Service and Support

Vision customers get service and support from a dedicated Account Manager with years of property management experience and industry-specific training expertise. They can help you plan and implement an online courseware and administration solution with Vision that’s tailored exactly to your company’s needs. In addition, learners and administrators have access to a bilingual Helpdesk virtually anytime, any day of the week.

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The Go-To Online Resource For Credentials Building and Continuing Education

Developed in partnership with the National Apartment Association Education Institute (NAAEI), Visto is a unique service that enables property management professionals to jumpstart or expand their careers, by providing access to credentials and continuing education courses, as well as updates on the latest trends and hot topics in the industry. All in one place. Check out Visto.

Credentials Plus

Power Source

  • Access to video presentations by Industry leaders from NAA events
  • The latest in industry trends and hot topics
  • Advanced training in leasing, maintenance, management and leadership

+= An Added Advantage

Relevant Vision courses now count for up to half of your CEC requirements, and you can access them for free in Vision! Vision customers can also take advantage of special pricing on bulk purchase of credentials and continuing education courses on Visto to further enhance their training programs.

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A New Way to Assess Performance and Reduce Risk

Validate is a big leap forward in mystery shopping. Now you can administer a high-performing and results-driven program without investing extra time and money. Validate makes scheduling, tracking, scoring, remediating, reporting and even budgeting for shops easier. It’s a better, more modern way to measure employee performance and compliance.

Greater Shop Visibility and Control

  • The Validate dashboard gives you a full array of valuable real-time information about any shop, covering any stage of the process. You’re always informed and on top of it.
  • A built-in ordering engine makes configuring exactly the type of shop you want and assigning it a snap. We call it, “set-it-and-forget-it mystery shopping administration.”
  • With Validate, employees are measured and reported the way you want them to be. You control the scoring and can provide feedback to your employees based on your training and culture.

Faster, More Reliable Results

  • Validate uses randomized shops to give you a more accurate picture of what your residents are experiencing at your properties.
  • Validate’s robust reporting engine delivers quick access to comprehensive and shareable reports. This keeps you and the rest of the organization well informed about the performance of all your shops.
  • We’ve developed a unique upskills courseware matrix that automatically assigns the right amount of remediation training, right where it’s needed. Your employees get the exact help they need, tracked within their learning platform.

At Every Stage of Employee Development, Grace Hill Helps You Elevate Performance and Reduce Risk

When combined with our other industry-leading solutions, Vision and PolicyPartner, Validate becomes a key component of an integrated talent management platform. Putting all three solutions in place enables you to cover the entire employee performance loop – from setting policies to providing required training and assessing performance. It’s all part of our commitment to helping you elevate performance and reduce risk through the next generation of talent management solutions for Multifamily.

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