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Fair Housing

What Does Turnover Really Cost You? – ...

When employees leave, you suffer from additional recruiting and training expenses, plus remaining employees burn out, causing a ripple effect that ultimately leads to higher resident turnover.
Grace Hill Fair Housing Discrimination Complaint Ebook

Fair Housing Complaint Ebook

What would you do if your company was faced with a discrimination complaint? HUD investigations can be both time-consuming and costly for multifamily housing providers. Don’t get caught in the dark! Knowing how the investigation process works and how you can respond appropriately helps reduce your risk of incurring the potentially hefty sanctions HUD can impose. Get this free ebook that walks you through the HUD enforcement process step by step!

Fair Housing Compliance Solutions Video

Compliance mistakes are costly! But with changing fair housing laws and increased regulations, staying compliant can be overwhelming. Luckily Grace Hill can help! We offer industry-specific fair housing solutions that help you reduce risk and stay compliant…while improving your overall property performance.
Top 10 Fair Housing Mistakes_2024

Top 10 Fair Housing Mistakes – Infogra...

The Fair Housing landscape is constantly changing, and violations can have harsh consequences. Without proper Fair Housing policies and training, your team will face costly legal and financial burdens. Learn about the most common Fair Housing mistakes that can have costly consequences for your organization.

7 Tips for Reducing Fair Housing Liabili...

With changing fair housing laws and increased regulations, staying compliant is only one part of this puzzle. Join Grace Hill and Wesley Aleshire to explore the top liabilities associated with reasonable accommodations, reasonable modifications, Fair Housing questions and trending FHA topics with thoughtful consideration.

5 Top Trends in Fair Housing for 2022: I...

Join Grace Hill’s Jessica Fern-Kirkland, Senior Director of Multifamily Product, and our panel of experts to cover top trending headlines like COVID-related disabilities, sexual harassment, and more — featuring Fair Housing attorney Brian Adkins, Senior Counsel at Buchalter; Susan Weston, Speaker and NAAEI Senior Faculty; and service team trainer Mark Cukro, President, Plus One Consulting. Nothing is off-limits in this conversation to promote better compliance!
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