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Vision2020 New Learner Experience: Recent Updates

Posted on February 7, 2020


Vision2020 New Learner Experience: Recent Updates



Initial Feedback is Good!

We’re hearing that our admins and learners love the look and feel of the New Learner Experience!  One admin told us, “The new user interface looks great and it has brought Grace Hill into 2020!” Yay! Goal accomplished!  


And, we’ve seen a MAJOR uptick in system usage compared to the same time last year:


  • Over 82k more users have logged in resulting in a 37% increase in site traffic!
  • With 13k additional courses completed we see a 17.5% increase in course completions! 




Platform Updates Since Launch

Since launching, we’ve added a few additional features that you’ll be excited to learn more about:


  • We heard many of you say, “We need the library search feature ASAP!”  We’re happy to report that the Library Search is now LIVE!
  • Are your learners reporting issues when launching one of your custom courses?  Make sure pop-up blockers are off.  Learners may have previously turned off pop-up blockers for the old Vision Learning Center, but need to do this again in the new experience.
  • Validate subscribers can now preview the Validate Booster Series in the Courses tab in their Admin Consoles.  These are NOT visible to learners, but those on a Gold or Platinum level system can assign the courses to themselves for preview. 


What’s Next?

We have two more launches to go until the Vision 2020 Experience is complete with the New Course Builder launching in Q2 and the New Admin Experience later this year.  


Thanks for your partnership in bringing the Vision 2020 Experience to thousands of learners. 2020 is going to be a great year!

Terra McVoy
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