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Introducing the Vision Experience

Better Learning and Development.


A Better Experience For All

The all-new Vision Experience, powered by Grace Hill, is the first learning management system developed for multifamily using Google Material Design along with input and feedback from property management professionals like you. It has everything you need to make your online training a productive, rewarding, and successful experience.


More Intuitive and Easy to Use


More Personalized and Helpful

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More Organized and Engaging

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Learner Experience

The Learning Center

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Learning Path Assignments make sure learners know what courses they need to complete and when.

15-20 minute short courses make the content more digestible and easier to fit into the busy workday.

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Smart, personalized visual prompts let the learner know what to do next.

The full-feature calendar allows you to display important events and tasks alongside training deadlines.

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Users can sync their Vision calendar to their daily use calendar and reserve time for training directly from Vision.

The Library allows you to offer optional training to learners and makes personalized course recommendations to help further develop their skills.


Course Builder

The Course Builder

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Easy solution to create custom content using drag and drop tools

Automated content repository makes deploying and updating content simple and straightforward

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Easily place Grace Hill content into custom courses using Plug and Play

Make learning interactive using Homework Assignments

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Efficiently track in-person and virtual sessions using Instructor Led Training

Schedule and host virtual training from within Vision 2020 using Virtual Classroom

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Automatically create a Course Overview page to include learning objectives and course instructions

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A powerful tool to make learning a better experience for all, by design.

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