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Grace Hill Launches Content Repository in Vision LMS

Posted on March 22, 2021

Grace Hill Content Repository Vision

Last year, Grace Hill launched the New Learner Experience and New Course Builder as part of the all-new Vision Experience. This year, we are delivering on our commitment to bringing powerful, intuitive, software by design to our customers by continuing to improve upon our flagship Vision learning management system.

Introducing Content Repository 

The Content Repository within Vision’s New Course Builder is an intuitive and intelligent content management system. This new feature is available to our Gold and Platinum customers and allows administrators to more easily store, access, modify, track, and deploy files when building custom content in Vision.

By utilizing the Content Repository, training teams can more efficiently deliver content-rich, optimized, accurate, and up-to-date learning experiences to their learners. With greater control and less time spent on administering content, admins are allowed more time for content development and improvement. 

We are hosting a free webinar on Thursday, March 25 at 2 PM EST to have a deep dive discussion into Content Repository and answer any questions you may have. 

Key Benefits for Vision Administrators 

  • It automatically captures all of your custom content without you having to take steps to add it to the repository
  • It centralizes file management allowing you to see and search all of your custom content in one place
  • It provides easy access for adding repository content when building new courses
  • It allows you to easily see in which courses each piece of content is housed
  • It allows you to add content from Grace Hill and our partners into your custom content and then rely on us to ensure that portion of content remains up to date at all times through the repository
  • It tracks changes you’ve made to content and gives you visibility into the who, what, and when regarding those changes
  • It enables you to identify which version of content your learners consumed for legal and insurance purposes, or to determine the need for retraining
  • It offers the flexibility to update multiple courses in just moments by dynamically linking content from the repository to the courses
  • It enables you to add admin-only facing comments to facilitate efficient content management among multiple admin users or simply provide centrally housed notations

How to Get Started

If you are currently a Vision Gold or Platinum customer, this feature is already available to your admins and currently lives in Vision under “Content Tools”. You should see that all of your custom content is already housed in the repository! 

Vision Admin Console

If additional help is needed, please contact our Support Team at 1-866-GRACEHILL.

If you are not currently a Gold or Platinum customer and would like to learn more about the all-new Content Repository in the Vision learning management system, please schedule a demo with us by visiting our webpage. 


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