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New Mobile-Responsive Learning Center

Posted on September 6, 2018

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New Mobile-Responsive Learning Center

Live on September 27!

Mobile-Responsive Learning Center
The mobile-responsive learning center provides a better learner experience. Improved branding options provide learners with faster load times and a cleaner, more intuitive environment for training.

To stay at the forefront of multifamily training, it is time to improve the user experience of our learning center! Users will experience a new mobile-responsive learning center on September 27.


Please join us for a webinar all about the upcoming change on September 13 at 2 PM EST! Register now.


Learners will now experience a mobile-responsive learning center, which provides an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices. The mobile-responsive learning center improves users’ ability to read content and navigate with minimal need to resize, pan or scroll regardless of what device you are using to access the learning center.


The new mobile-responsive learning center detects the learner’s screen size and screen orientation and automatically changes to fit their device. Both admins and learners will benefit from seeing the same information on their smaller devices as on their larger desktop or laptop, from improved usability, to a more intuitive and engaging experience. The functionality of the learning center will not change much at all – everything will still be in the same places and work the same. There are two branding features being retired and replaced with better branding that fits the mobile responsive design. What steps will you have to take? Not many!

  • Upload a new logo, if you are a gold or platinum customer who has added a logo
  • Choose a banner image
  • Note: Background image and widget bar colors will no longer be available


New Design Makes Branding Easier, Cleaner and More Impactful!

Branding your learning center to bring it in-line with your company’s branding strategy can engage learners by providing a familiar visual as they learn. With our mobile-responsive design, we have retired two branding features and introduced several new branding features that will not only improve the learner experience but allow for a cleaner, more user-friendly experience – including faster load times. 

  • Mobile-Responsive Learning Center
    The mobile-responsive design makes a significant impact on learner motivation and engagement, resulting in a higher performance out of your training.

    The background image has been retired, as it causes longer load times and can also be distracting to the intuitive experience you want for learners.

  • The color headers above each widget have been retired to provide for a cleaner layout and design, which improves the mobile learning experience.
  • Company logos can still be customized.
  • A customizable banner image is located just below the logo and can be changed using a library of images provided, or by uploading your own custom image. 
  • A customizable icon navigation bar can be used in place of the standard navigation bar. 


Mobile-Responsive Design Increases Learner Engagement

Learner engagement is critical for ensuring employees comprehend and retain what they learn. When employees don’t fully engage with training, performance issues and compliance risk goes up and customer satisfaction goes down.

  • 70% of learners reported feeling more motivated when training on a mobile device instead of a computer.
  • 72% of learners reported increased engagement with mobile learning.


As more and more property management companies employ mobile devices on-site to support their on-the-go team members, the more important it becomes to bring training to where learners are. No matter how your employees choose to train, mobile-responsive learning results in a better experience for learners. A better experience for learners yields greater results from training which will positively impact your company’s risk reduction and overall performance.




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