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New Reputation Management Course Package Now Available in Vision

Posted on June 22, 2021

As the management of our lives moves increasingly online, the importance of reputation management training and strategy increases synchronously. 

If your online reputation is actively managed, it can be a critical and informative piece of the leasing process that acts as a useful resident acquisition and retention tool. If you’re not yet proactively managing your company’s reputation or want to further your knowledge on the topic, the time is now, and Grace Hill can help!

New Reputation Management Course Package

We are happy to announce that our legacy Reputation Management course, available as part of our Elective Course offerings in Vision, has been fully reconstructed and replaced with nine separately assignable titles. These new courses are NOW LIVE and available to current subscribers! 

This new content includes engaging activities that help learners think through and formulate their reputation management strategy. Additionally, courses designed specifically for leasing and maintenance teams will help them understand their role in reputation management. 

The 9 new titles include:

  • Reputation Management 1: Introduction to Reputation Management
  • Reputation Management 2: The Impact of Online Reviews
  • Reputation Management 3: Reputation and Customer Service
  • Reputation Management 4: Using Data to Elevate the Resident Experience
  • Reputation Management 5: Monitoring Reviews
  • Reputation Management 6: Responding to Reviews
  • Reputation Management 7: Review Generation
  • The Leasing Team’s Role in Reputation Management
  • The Maintenance Team’s Role in Reputation Management

We hope you find this new content reinvigorated and relevant to your reputation management needs. 

How to Manage Course Changes

If you are a current Vision subscriber, please note that Grace Hill’s legacy Reputation Management course will be retired on July 15. Therefore, assignment changes need to be managed by that date, and anyone in-progress on the course who would like to complete it needs to do so by then. 

If you need assistance accessing this new course package or have questions about the retirement of the legacy course, please contact your Account Manager or reach out to our Support Team at 1-866-GRACEHILL. 

If you are not a current Vision subscriber and would like to learn more about our course offerings, please schedule a demo with us by chatting with the bot on this webpage or visit our website to learn more. 

Additional Reputation Management Resources

In addition to the new Reputation Management course package, we’d love to tell you more about our new product, ReputationBuilder, as well as our Reputation Management Policy available through PolicyPartner. Please chat with the bot on this webpage to schedule a demo so we can answer any questions you may have! 

We appreciate the opportunity to help you train on this important topic and close the Talent Performance LoopTM.

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