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Enhanced policy management for operational excellence

Grace Hill acquired The Strategic Solution in 2018 now, PolicyPartner is now part of Grace Hill suite of leading-edge tools in policy management and compliance. With more than 800+ policies, PolicyPartner is the multifamily industry’s leading source of online training and compliance coverage with the top provider of online policies and procedures.

For more than 20 years, Grace Hill’s PolicyPartner has helped transform policy development and management in the multifamily industry from a burden into a strategic advantage. Our clients improve the performance of their assets and maintain regulatory compliance by ensuring everyone can access company policies at any time and on any device.

PolicyPartner is key to centralizing your policy management in order to:

Reduce time and effort delivering new policies

Ensure policies are accessible to all employees at any time.

Find relevant policies and documents with ease.

Mitigate Risk



Mitigate Risk and Enhance Performance

  • Streamline operations and save time communicating expectations.
  • Extensive policy library covers key vertical industries and subject areas.
  • Detailed manuals reduce risk and improve management effectiveness.
  • Prevent litigation and fines from compliance penalties.

Standardize Policies and Increase Asset Value

  • Document procedures and ensure employees understand expectations.
  • Policy manuals tailored to your specific property and portfolio needs.
  • Manage policies in one location, accessible by everyone, from anywhere.
  • Rest assured that policies comply with changing laws and regulations.

PolicyPartner clients benefit from an expert implementation team that works to adapt our extensive catalog of industry-specific policies to meet the needs of their organization. 

Grace Hill also provides a dedicated account management team for consultation on how to build, manage, and enhance your company’s compliance and performance using PolicyPartner. 

Krista Washbourne

“I believe the merging of the Strategic Solutions and Grace Hill platforms will produce opportunities for synergies, new creative designs, and technical advancements that should serve to offer more comprehensive and improved offerings to the multi-family industry and a broader marketplace. As a client of both Grace Hill and the Strategic Solution for many years, we are excited about the consolidation of the two companies within Grace Hill. Training, and especially online learning, is often rooted in policies and procedures. So, pairing the two for efficiencies and improved outcomes can only lead to enhancements on both sides, and, ultimately, for our associates. I am looking forward to the future benefits we’ll receive from the pairing of the two!”

- Krista Washbourne, VP of Learning & Talent Development for Lincoln Property Company.

Learn how integrating policies and procedures with training can improve company performance, reduce compliance risk, and increase employee engagement.

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