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Grace Hill Expands Admin Support

Posted on January 11, 2018

Grace Hill University screen cap

Grace Hill has always prided itself on having the best client service in the business, and that begins with the many amazing individuals that we have on our account management team. Between them, our Account Management team has more than 200 years of property management experience.


We believe every client deserves the personal touch from our team of training experts (at no extra charge!), so last year we expanded our Account Management team to help our clients craft the best training program for their organization. With more than 200 collective years in the property management industry, our team has sat where you sit and is ready to partner to overcome your unique challenges.


Grace Hill is relentless about improving.


Grace Hill continues to improve and optimize our client service. In addition to the resources above, we are now expanding the support options and resources available to our admins. Grace Hill is thrilled to introduce three new elements of customer support:

  • Dedicated Admin Support Channel
  • Expanded and Refreshed Customer Resource Center
  • Grace Hill University

Dedicated Admin Support Channel

In an effort to bring faster resolution to your technical issues, we’ve expanded our in-house Support Team to include a team of reps that are dedicated to Admin-Level requests. Your Account Manager will remain your partner in optimizing your training program, however, when you run into a technical snag, our Admin Support Team will be standing by to provide you with fast and reliable resolution.


The new Admin Support Channel will be staffed by three techs who were handpicked for the exceptional customer service they provide and their expertise in Vision.


To reach our Admin Support Team, Admins can call (844) 204-9600 or submit a request via the form in Vision. The Admin Support Team is available Monday through Friday from 9 AM – 8 PM EST, providing coast-to-coast availability during normal 9AM-5PM business hours. 


The dedicated Admin Support Channel is in addition to our in-house Learner Help Desk, which remains available for learner technical support via phone at (866) GRACEHILL or the support form in Vision. They will continue to offer support in both English and Spanish.


Expanded and Refreshed Customer Resource Center

The goal of the newly expanded Customer Resource Center (CRC) is to provide a one-stop-shop for Admins to easily access our updated user guides, video tutorials and help based on their product tier and skillset as an Admin. The CRC will also host and promote regular training opportunities through Grace Hill University (GHU) based on an Admin’s needs.


In order to access client resources, you must be logged into Vision. Once you have logged into the Vision Admin Console, click the life preserver icon (some people like to think of it as the donut icon and we don’t mind) in the upper right corner to be given access to the Client Resource Center.


The new site features searchable, tagged and sectioned newly updated content to make it as easy as possible to find and discover what you need. Here is a peek at how the new CRC looks: 



Grace Hill University

We created Grace Hill University (GHU) to provide Admins access to an instance of Vision with courses designed specifically to get them up to speed quickly on how to use Vision. Additionally, GHU will allow Admins to expand their training expertise, including making it possible for those who are interested, to master advanced technical administration skills, like course creation and learner engagement tools.


Visit the new CRC and see the “Welcome to Grace Hill University” post for access and login information to kick-start your learning today!


Here’s a view of the new GHU:


Grace Hill University screen cap


Over the next two months, we’ll be sharing more about each of these new resources and introducing you to the people behind them. Your Grace Hill account manager remains your main point of contact. Your account manager will remain your partner in optimizing your training program, engaging your learners, and continually working together to review your system to ensure you are getting the most out of Vision. Helping you to achieve your goals as an Admin is a top priority. These additional resources and support personnel are intended to expand your customer support options.


We look forward to sharing more with you about the new admin support experience in the coming weeks and hearing from you how it’s working and can be improved.


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