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Why Grace Hill Developed Compliance Refreshers

Posted on July 20, 2018

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Why Grace Hill Developed Compliance Refreshers

Get ready for annual training updates your learners will love!

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Compliance Refreshers make it easier and more fun for learners to keep their compliance knowledge current.

Compliance training is a company’s primary defense against Fair Housing, harassment, diversity and drug-free workplace violations. But training is only as strong as it is current. This includes the courseware and the employees themselves. Laws and regulations are constantly changing. At least once a year courseware must be updated and employees retrained to keep up with those changes.


But learners often complain about having to repeat the same lengthy compliance training every year. Repeating training can feel like a waste of time, it’s ineffective and it’s boring!


To develop true competency in a learning area, instruction should build on previously-learned knowledge and skills, not simply repeat from year to year. In the world of compliance, laws change and interpretations of those laws by government agencies and the courts are always evolving. This makes it important to continuously train employees on how to apply core concepts and skills to new situations and to give them opportunities to practice applying those skills in a low-stakes training environment. This is the path to true competency in compliance.


That’s where Compliance Refreshers from Grace Hill come in.


As part of our Compliance Plus program, Grace Hill performs constant federal, local and issue monitoring. The knowledge we gain allows us to produce annual Compliance Refreshers that contain the latest legal developments.


Refresher courses make it easier and more fun for learners to keep their knowledge current. In just 30 – 45 minutes, Compliance Refreshers build on the knowledge and skills learned in the full Essentials course and inform learners of critical updates in the law. They’re also updated annually with all new content, graphics and activities to keep learners engaged.


Take a look at what some of the Training Admins who have previewed our upcoming Fair Housing Refresher Course have to say about it:


“This course is excellent and relevant. It covers the nuts and bolts in a very concise and understandable manner. Kudos to the content developers!”


“I really enjoyed this course. It was a great refresher that accurately hit the points of all FH knowledge. I really enjoy how the module subjects are locked until the previous module is complete.”


To find out how you can partner with Grace Hill to offer Compliance Refreshers to your learners, contact your sales representative or contact us.

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